Advantages of Object Oriented Programming(OOPs)

Advantages of Object Oriented Programming(OOPs)

1. Object-oriented programming is modular, as it provides separation of duties in object-based program development.
2. Complex systems of real world can be converted into simple software solutions with the use of object oriented programming language.
3. Objected oriented code focuses the developer to do extensive planning which will reduces programming flaws and better design.
4. Software maintenance of the object oriented programming is much easier as compared with structured oriented programming. Since the design is modular, part of the system can be updated in case of issues without a need to make large-scale changes.
5. Object oriented programming can be easily reused in other programs due to its re-usability feature. The reuse of software also lowers the cost of development.
6. Faster development of software and lower cost of development allows more time and resources to be used in the verification of the software.
7. Objected oriented programming is easy to implement.
8. Object oriented programming can easily extensible. New features or changes in operating environment can be easily implemented.

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