Spring Interview Questions


  1. What is the difference between ApplicationContext and BeanFactory in Spring framework?
  2. How do you call stored procedure by using Spring framework?
  3. What does JdbcTemplate and JmsTemplate class offer in Spring?
  4. Can we use more than one configuration file for our Spring project? and how we use them?
  5. Explain Spring MVC flow with a simple example e.g. starting from Container receives a request and forward to your Java application ?
  6. What is the difference in Spring MVC and Spring core?
  7. Can you use Spring MVC framework along with Struts ? I have an existing Java MVC application which is based in Struts, Can I migrate that to use Spring MVC ? How ?
  8. What is the advantage of Spring MVC framework over Struts 1.0 or Struts 2.0 ? is it worth to convert an existing Struts application to Spring MVC ?
  9. How do Spring resolves view returned by ModelAndView class ?
  10. How to escape HTML special characters using Spring MVC?
  11. What are different implementations of View interface you have used in Spring MVC?
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